the most fun your player will have with a ball!

“The most fun you will have with a ball !”

Teaching Football through Fun!

The next generation in skill development

Catch, Throw, and Kick each Class!

  • Each class players get to catch, throw, and kick
  • Each player is guaranteed to improve his/her skills
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Non-contact
  • Get more touches

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Speed clinics:

Next clinics:  (Email us if you can’t make it but want notified of the next clinic).

In these 1 hour clinics, learn proven techniques to increase your speed. *Every participate will be faster after the clinic or your money back.* For ages 7 and up. All sport interests welcome.


Participants will learn:


  1. How to run with increased Power to be Faster.
  2. 3 specific stretches to increase Speed.
  3. A Dynamic warm-up to keep you Fast before every game.
  4. Timed Sprint before and after clinic.


Only $25 per clinic for early registration.


***Personal training available upon request***


Text or call with any questions:    321-223-5060          email:


**always looking for new fields and coaches.  Contact us if you want a class or clinic near you.  


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Why I Youth football ?

I Youth Football is a non-contact program with the concept of flag football.  We realize that most players want to touch the football. Our curriculums are designed to offer skill training classes as opposed to competitive leagues. our classes focus on developing the skills of players……… Each class… each player…. gets to throw, catch, and kick.

Parent ? : My child already plays flag football, how is this any different?

Flag football is organized around leagues. Although flag football is non-contact, there is still only one football on the field. In many flag football leagues, some players don’t touch the ball the entire game.

Parent ? : My child already plays tackle football, how will this help him?

I Youth Football skills training is designed to increase football skills while having fun. This is a great way to help players’ increase skills when the pads are off. Most off season training for HS, College, and the pros, happens when the pads are off.

Parent Guarantees :

We are so confident that your player will increase his football skills, IYF, offers parents a full refund of the class if you don’t
 think your child has improved their football skills after attending an 8-week consecutive session.

***Click here to volunteer to coach a class (Register and then you can apply to be a coach).